The Most Functional Bag Ever Discovered

YOU GUYS, this is geniusThis is what I'm talking about when I say I want simple, functional, and stylish all wrapped in one pretty bow. Bravo, Want Les Essentiels De La Vie x J.Crew.



A few looks I'm craving, as of late. Throw me a bold pattern and some leather pants, and I'm good to go.

Beach Bag

I'm really not looking forward leaving my guy and our home for nearly two weeks, but a beach vacation is calling. While we both can't pack our bags, I volunteered to represent our little corner of my huge extended family and head South to the Gulf.

Yesterday I Struck Thrifting Gold

At some point, Randon is going to realize how quickly I collect shoes and probably give me a serious talking-to. Except, I think he actually does realize and doesn't mind because, let's face it, new shoes can make a girl happy. I know he doesn't mind because I'm not the only one buying me shoes. I'm spoiled rotten, I tell you.

I am already overflowing (after overtaking) the shoe section of our wardrobe, and I'm about to add two more pairs. Yesterday I thrifted Lilly Pulitzer flats in my size for $16. I had to have them. They are nude and summery and absolutely lovely. The problem is, I don't have one inch of space left for the last three pairs of shoes that came home with me, so these new pairs are really going to feel left out.

Before any more new shoes magically appear in our house (I swear I don't know how they got here), shoe organization solutions will be purchased. I'm going to need you to hold me to that.

The Gold
Banana Republic Anorak - $12
Lilly Pulitzer Flats - $16
Talbots Tweed-esque Fringe Sweater - $5
The Loft Striped Tee - $5
BDG Flats - $5
GAP Straw Tote - $10
Gingham Shorts - $6